For determining the chemical oxygen demand, e.g. in accordance with DIN 38409/German standard method H41.

Digestion in aluminium heating block with precise temperature control.

Heating up samples to 148 °C in less than 10 minutes.

Tried and tested C. Gerhardt technology, with automatic temperature/time control and motorised multi-level console for automatically raising and lowering the sample frame and water condenser.

Available with various fittings.

Reproducible digestion conditions

Programmable, precisely controlled temperature/time phases enable secure and reproducible digestion conditions.

Up to 9 temperature/time programs with up to 10 temperature levels can be defined precisely, saved and retrieved again.

Large number of samples in small area

Depending on the block system, 8 or 20 samples can digested simultaneously in 250 ml tubes.

A 20-unit COD digestion unit has a footprint of only 47 x 53 cm.

Convenient and safe

The precise temperature/time control ensures a secure digestion process.

The motorised multi-level console enables convenient and safe lifting and lowering of the loaded insert rack.


Order data

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

415 x 415 x 800/1150 mm (8-unit, with/without lift)
470 x 530 x 800/1150 mm (20-unit, with/without lift)


15/31 kg (8-unit, without/with Lift)
24/45 kg (20-unit, without/with Lift)

Scope of delivery

KJELDATHERM digestion block
Insert rack for digestion tubes
Digestion tubes
Air condenser*
Electronic controller
Operating manual
*For automatic systems with lift:
multi-level console with water 
condenser insert rack, 
water condenser, 
cooling water lines, 
drip tray and tubing set