Digestion apparatus specifically developed for the decomposition and purging of water and soil samples for the determination of easily released cyanides and total cyanide, as well as other volatile gases.

Proven C. Gerhardt technology based on the TURBOTHERM rapid digestion unit.
Quick, even heating thanks to infrared technology.
With a flow meter and magnetic agitator at each heating point.

In accordance with DIN 38405 and DIN ISO 11262.

Available with various fittings.


  • Two versions available: 4 x 400 ml or 4 x 800 ml tubes
  • Examination of soils, sewage sludge and composts
  • Examination of wastewater, groundwater and surface water
  • Deaeration of cyanides in accordance with DIN
  • Determination of easily released cyanides
  • Sulphide determination
  • Sulphur dioxide determination in foodstuffs in accordance with the Reith-Willems method

Fast, safe and convenient

Infrared radiation ensures short heating and cooling times. The sample is heated directly – thus preventing delays in boiling.

Once the boiling process has been completed, the reflux condenser, drip tray and rack are simply mounted in the multi-level console. This is convenient and saves space.

Modern control system

The electronic time/output control enables rapid and trouble-free digestion of even difficult samples.

Up to 9 energy/time programs can be saved and retrieved. Each program offers 9 heating levels with variable times and heating output.

The currently running program can be adjusted manually at any time.


Order data

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Dimensions (W x D x H)

525 x 520 x 845 mm


40 kg

Scope of delivery

TURBOTHERM basic unit
Magnetic agitator
Cyanide attachment,
including all glass components,
an insert rack, 
digestion tubes and tubing set