Digestion unit specifically designed for acid digestion, for the determination of hydroxyproline content.

Proven C. Gerhardt technology based on the KJELDATHERM heating block, with precision temperature control.

Test tubes with screw caps, acid-resistant varnish on the sheet-metal components.
The working temperature cannot exceed 200 °C.

Large number of samples in a small space

Select a digestion system for 8 or 20 samples, depending on your requirements.

Our special hydroxyproline digestion tubes with screw caps have a capacity of 250 ml.

Safe control system

The microprocessor provides reliable heating block temperature control; the digital display provides a temperature reading at all times.
The maximum desired temperature that can be set is 200 °C.

The heating block itself has a maximum temperature of 240 °C. The block switches off if this temperature is exceeded.

The system thus has double protection against overheating.

Ease of handling

The multi-level console offers safe, space-saving storage for the insert rack and the sample tubes it holds.
This is where the samples are kept during the heat-up phase, thus ensuring the shortest route to the pre-heated block where they will be used.

Once digestion is complete, the insert rack is lifted out of the block and mounted in the multi-level console for cooling.


Order data

12-0471 Hydroxyproline digestion unit,
8 x 250 ml tubes, 230 V 50-60 Hz
12-0472 Hydroxyproline digestion unit,
20 x 250 ml tubes, 230 V 50-60 Hz

Dimensions (W x D x H)

415 x 415 x 1000 mm (8-unit model)
470 x 530 x 1000 mm (20-unit model)


25 kg (4-unit model)
29 kg (20-unit model)

Scope of delivery

KJELDATHERM digestion block
Multi-level console
Insert rack for digestion tubes
Digestion tubes
Electronic temperature controller (TR)