DUMATHERM offered by C. Gerhardt is a highly efficient, precise and fast analysis system. For most sample matrices, it is a real alternative to other classical procedures. In the Dumas method, a sample is burned in an oxygen rich atmosphere at high temperatures and the resulting gases are analyzed. Now, C. Gerhardt, being the market leader for the Kjeldahl analysis, can also offer a highly efficient instrument which uses the Dumas method.

This new technique offers a fast and comfortable alternative to the classic system. The new DUMATHERM has all advantages of the Dumas-method: It is fast, precise, cost efficient as well as saving resources! The clever design of the furnace chamber in combination with the direct analysis of all resulting gases provides the user with results within 2-3 minutes. Thanks to the construction of the instrument, the DUMATHERM has low wear- and tear on parts, which reduces costs for service significantly. Operation and control of the apparatus is done entirely via PC using the Dumatherm Manager. Error messages are shown by the software - should there be any problems the analysis can be aborted easily.